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SharingRisk.org works to promote ethical forms of finance based on the sharing of risks and reward. Currently the most common form of ethical finance is Islamic finance, derived from the Qur'an and Sunna. Islam's prohibition of riba (interest), gharar (contractual uncertainty) and maysir (gambling) provide the impetus for an innovative type of financial transactions based on the sharing of risk and reward and the recognition that finance was created to promote real economic activity.

Ethical finance appears most commonly in the West in the context of screening investments for social responsibility and corporate social responsibility. Socially responsible investing (SRI) uses ethical screens to avoid investing in companies that are involved in socially harmful industries and companies whose actions are seen as unethical (e.g., the use of child labor, complicity in human rights violations, involvement in corruption, degredation of the environment).

Our Mission

To provide information and analysis of ethical and Islamic finance, with a specific interest in microfinance and the interaction between Islamic finance and other ethically-based financial systems.

What we do

  • The SharingRisk.org blog has provided description and analysis of current events in Islamic finance since 2006. In 2009, Blake Goud began writing a blog at Zawya.com. He sends out posts along with additional commentary in a weekly email newsletter. To subscribe, either sign up on the blog
  • SharingRisk.org founder Blake Goud covers the Americas for The Islamic Globe
  • Blake Goud is a contributor to Yasaar Media's "So Far? The Journal of Strategic Thought in Islamic Finance"
  • Blake Goud has contributed articles to numerous magazines covering Islamic finance
  • Blake Goud wrote the recent Islamic Finance in North America report published by Yasaar Media
  • Blake Goud spoke at the UFANA conference in Toronto, Canada, which was held March 30-31, 2010. He is also the editor of the UFANA newsletter, which was distributed at the conference
  • SharingRisk.org consults with the media, Islamic finance practitioners and others with interest in Islamic finance on an ad hoc basis. Please contact Blake Goud for specific requests. Fees for consulting projects will be negotiated depending upon the scope of the project

    Latest News

    New website

    As I went to update the website to reflect my collaboration with Eaglemont Media on The Islamic Globe, I decided it was time to upgrade the look-and-feel of the website as well.  It is a work-in-progress of course, but more so because I am a WordPress novice.  Feedback on the website is welcomed and can be sent to me at blake@sharingrisk.org.

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